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The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic is not stopping us from continuing to improve and, above all, digitize our business processes.

This includes the renewal of our ERP system to comprehensively support all processes in the company.We are supported in this by our partner, orderase consulting GmbH, which has summarized our collaboration in a joint success story. You can find the article here.



The mail order business is growing and growing, and with it the challenges for shipping companies. We have made it our mission to develop innovative solutions for the exploding parcel shipping industry in order to save resources, the environment and costs for our customers.

One key to achieving this goal is reducing parcels to the minimum size necessary, depending on their contents. We have already been able to celebrate successes with our customers in this area with our Vario 558 Volume Reducer.

Another innovation has now been realized with the help of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Economic Development Fund: automatic creasing of shipping cartons.

With this development, users are able to minimize all their shipping cartons precisely to the exact height of the product inside. A robot-guided and specially developed tool fully automatically embosses a groove in the carton, which is then used to fold in the lid flaps so that the carton is exactly as high as the packaged goods. The user no longer has to stock countless carton sizes – just one size that is adjusted in height is sufficient. Integrated into the Vario 558 Volume Reducer, an intelligent packaging line is created for efficient packing of shipping packages; packaging materials such as paper or bubble wrap become superfluous. And this for flexibly changing carton formats.

We would like to thank the NBank for funding the project.
If you are interested in our latest innovation, simply contact our Sales Team.



In our current newsletter we point out the advantages of automating the erecting process of shipping cartons and boxes. We also present our solution for temporary capacity expansion (e.g. for Christmas or Black-Friday business).

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OPITZ news – August 2020



In our current newsletter we inform you about possibilities of rapid capacity expansion in case of short-term peaks in demand in the mail order and e-commerce business (e.g. in the course of Corona) by means of semi-automatic sealing machines. We also highlight the advantages of gummed paper versus self-adhesive tape.

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OPITZ news – May 2020



We leave the search for effective corona antidotes to the medical professionals. However, we can save you from logistical headaches with your online mail order business: with our GO 750 folding crate & carton sealer – it is extremely compact, efficient, inexpensive and works immediately!

Due to the current situation related to the Corona-crisis, many companies are confronted with serious challenges. Many existences are endangered because of high security measures. On the other hand, E-Commerce or pharma and hygiene businesses reach the limit of their capacity.

Especially at this point we want to find a remedy, so we created the Folding Box Sealer GO 750. With our semi-automatic machine, companies are able to expand their capacities – short-termed and flexibly.

We kept it simple to keep the capital investment and delivery time as low as possible so you can react on temporary order peaks.

The machines principle enables optimal use of manpower in distribution sectors: the packed and unconcealed package will be commited to the packaging machine which seals up to 10 cartons per minute with changing carton-sizes. It will be sealed in the lid and/or bottom with gummed paper tape or self-adhesive tape. This way staff capacity can be fully used for picking – the productivity in distribution sectors rises.

For more information about our semi-automatic Case and Folding Box Sealer GO 750 see our brochure sheet or to „Folding Box Sealer“. Of course, our Sales Team is also available to advise you personally.



Along with the current situation with Covid-19 comes a fundamental change of our daily life. Obviously, we as a company are affected by these massive adaptions as well and have a certain responsibility as an employer. The health and safety of our employees are always our highest priority. Beyond the company, we also consider it our duty to act responsibly and to do our part to protect society. At the same time, we are doing our best to maintain our production and manufacturing. We want to make you aware that we are still available as usual, please understand however, that answers on your requests may be subject to minor delays due to mobile work.

Additionally, we want to point out that we will minimize the number of visits for an indefenite time at first and meet digitally whenever possible.

Our employees were informed on hygiene measures and social distancing during work. For externals, we have to insist on compliance with our hygiene and health regulations, too.

At this point, we would specifically like to thank our employees for their support and commitment. With this team, we feel confident to overcome the challenge of Covid-19!

Thank you for your understanding.



Opitz Packaging Systems will cooperate with Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH. For this purpose, both companies signed an agreement designed for a long-term partnership in the beginning of 2019.

Storopack, a specialist for protective packaging and technical molded parts from Metzingen, Germany, can look back at a successful history and is with its business segments „Packaging“ and „Molding“ well positioned in the market.

In the near future, Storopack and Opitz can combine their expertise in their fields in mutual projects for automation of the packaging process, for example a solution for automatic and optimized insertion of air pockets into spaces left between the box contents for a maximum safety and efficiency. Storopack will furthermore add the Opitz Case Erecting, Sealing, Volume Reducing and Palletizing Machines and Devices to their product range. We thereby expand our possibilities in providing customized and comprehensive solutions by merging our Packaging Modules or Lines and Storopack´s technologies for protective packaging and ergonomic work. “In this partnership, our experience and expertise in innovative protective packaging solutions are the perfect complement to OPITZ’s know-how in automated machine functions. Together we can thus generate true value for our customers, whose requirements range from manual to semiautomatic and fully automatic solutions.” says Hermann Reichenecker, Chairman of the Management Board at Storopack.

Günther Opitz, Managing Director of Opitz Packaging Systems, says “Storopack´s customer-driven orientation perfectly fits together with our claim for high-quality and individually constructed machines. Our requirement was to find a partner with whom we are speaking a common language, in order to work together on our goal of improving our customized and long-lasting solutions for our clients.”.

We are looking forward to the cooperation and implementation of mutual projects with our new partner Storopack.



Don’t waste your precious time – understand the functions and advantages of our machines by watching our short but informative product videos. Find out more about our erecting, sealing and volume reducing machines now!



Over the last 25 years, we established our reputation in the market for packaging machines under the name of OPITZ Maschinentechnik GmbH. During this time, our core business became more and more international. Today, our customers are based all over Central Europe, but we cooperate with partners and clients all over the world.

In order to accurately reflect this development, we decided to rename our company – from now on, we will therefore appear as OPITZ Packaging Systems GmbH (commercial register number 205 488) on the market.

Contact person and address as well as our well- known quality and reliability will remain the same.

We are looking forward to taking this new step in our company history with you and are confident to take up the successful cooperation with our partners and clients.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service team will gladly help you with any concern.

Opitz Packaging Systems GmbH



From the 25th to the 27th of September, the FachPack, the European trade fair for packaging, processing and technology, took place in Nuremberg and OPITZ participated as an exhibitor. On our booth we presented our latest projects in the automation of the packaging process.

We thank all the visitors of our booth for the interesting conversations.

Wir bedanken uns für eine erfolgreiche FachPack 2018.


Initiated by the technology consultancy of the regional InnovationCampus SNIC (Start-up + Network + Innovation + Campus), OPITZ Maschinentechnik entered into an innovative cooperation with the Georg-August-University of Göttingen and the Clausthal University of Technology. The project objective is to develop a technical method for optimized insertion of air pockets into free spaces between the filling content in folding boxes.
The transfer of know how between the partners makes the project a showcase for cross-regional collaboration: As the first step, it is necessary to create a 3D-image of the box content. The technology is contributed by the faculty of forest sciences of the University of Göttingen. Based on these data, an algorithm determines which hollow spaces have to be filled with the according number and positioning of air pockets. The Institute of Applied Stochastics and Operations Research of Clausthal calculates the algorithm. Finally, an intelligent robot will insert the air pockets into the free spaces, which results in an optimal and cost-saving protection of the goods. This technology is developed by OPITZ.
The final deveolpment can then be used in the Folding Box Volume Reducer Vario 558, in order to achieve a maximum in economical packaging.
The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs supports the project as part of their Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM).


04/23/2018 – 04/27/2018

From 23rd until 27th of April, the worlds leading trade fair for industrial technology, the Hannover Fair, and the CeMAT 2018, fair for intralogistics and supply chain management, took place in Hannover simultaneously .

As part of the joint stand of the State of Lower Saxony, we had the opportunity to show our solution for minimization of packaging volume and filling material – the Folding Box Volume Reducer Vario 558. The visitors of our booth, including the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stephan Weil and his Deputy and State Minister for Economic Affairs Bernd Althusmann, were enthusiastic about the advantages our machine will bring for parcel shipping sectors and society.

Furthermore, we contributed a part to the smart Supply Chain shown on the Logistics 4.0 Hub at the CeMat: our half automatic Folding Box Sealer with gummed paper tape.

We thank the visitors of our booth for interesting conversations and the State of Lower Saxony for giving us the opportunity to participate in their joint stand.

Das Team von OPITZ bedankt sich bei allen Besuchern unseres Standes auf der Hannover Messe / CeMAT 2018.

OPITZ at LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart

03/13/2018 – 03/15/2018

From 13th until 15th of March OPITZ exhibited at one of the most important international trade fairs for intralogistics solutions and process management – the LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart.

Visitors of our booth had the opportunity to get a live impression of our automatic packaging solutions for industry and commerce. Showing our Volume Reducer Vario 558 in process gave us the possibility to demonstrate the benefit of volume optimization of folding boxes by fully automatic measuring, cutting, folding and sealing.

Especially the flexibility of our machines met the visitors’ enthusiasm: OPITZ Volume reducers can process various ground formats at once, which is a unique feature in the market.

We  thank the visitors of our booth for interesting conversations and a very successful LogiMAT 2018!

Unser Messeteam bedankt sich bei allen Besuchern der LogiMAT 2018.

Fa. Opitz wins 2nd prize of Innovation Award 2016 of the district of Göttingen

The entire developer and production team of Opitz is glad to gain 2nd prize with our product innovation “closing automatic machine for volume reduction”  category 20 employees).

We are pleased to receive this award, which we regard as confirmation of our creative solutions for the market of packaging and also for the environment.

Further information about the product and the solution “volume reduction” can be found here.

Or enjoy our video.

Tamper-evident seal with a wet adhesive strip – the return of a traditional solution


Who would have thought that: tried-and-trusted wet adhesion technology is making a comeback. Traditional glue from the era of protective sleeves, counting houses and post counters still provides great benefits to internet-based mail-order businesses.

There is a good reason for that! Below we have listed the benefits of the wet-adhesion method for you. OPITZ has adapted this technology and has perfected it for building sealing systems. The wet adhesion sealing head, which we have developed in various respects, plays a key role in this process.

Please contact us. We will advise you – and you are likely to find this wet adhesion method exciting!

1. Theft protection

Only a wet adhesive strip can guarantee protection of the contents of the shipping box against theft. The adhesive of the wet adhesive strip penetrates into the folding box surface and creates a strong, wall-plug-like connection that is clearly visible and can only be separated by destroying the outer layer of the box. Wet adhesive strips are not sensitive to weather fluctuations, light exposure and ageing.

2. Drop tests


wet adhesive strips have superior strength when compared to self-adhesive strips made of PP or PVC. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Food Technology and Packaging has performed drop tests at the request of the F.I.P.A.G.O. (International Association of Rubberised Paper Manufacturers) that clearly demonstrated their superior performance. A corrugated cardboard shipping box according to FEFCO 201-4070 was filled with bulk material (peas) to a total weight of 18 kg and dropped at 23ºC and 50 % relative humidity. The drop tests were performed according to DIN 55441 Sheet 1. The initial dropping height was  80 cm.

4. Box sealing with wet adhesive strips is economical.

Wet adhesive tape will win a direct price comparison between equally sized rolls of self -adhesive tape and wet adhesive tape. The wet adhesive tape is the most cost-efficient alternative of all sealing systems, when all  costs for machines, material, wages for automated closing of the packaging units, etc. are considered – e.g. for a volume of 2000 units per day.

5. High tear propagation resistance of wet adhesive strips

Adhesive plastic strips have no tear propagation resistance; as soon as the edge is damaged, the whole seal tears extremely easily. Fibre-reinforced wet adhesive paper strips, on the other hand, have high resistance against tear propagation, due to embedded glass fibres, so that the fibres keep the box closed even after the paper layer has been completely broken.

6. Stretching

Adhesive plastic strips have elongation-at-break values of 40 to 70%. When the strips are over-extended, the box flaps may open wide enough to allow loose content to pour out. Reinforced wet-adhesive paper strip shave elongation-at-break values of less than 4%, so that the box remains closed until it breaks completely, which requires high force, due to the fibre reinforcement.

7. Dust

Dust during filling and dusty box surfaces do not spoil the effects of bonding with wet adhesive strips. By contrast, dust significantly spoils the effects of the sealing process with contact adhesives and reduces the bonding capability of self-adhesive film.

8. Processing

Pulling the strip from the roll during manual processing requires no noticeable force, as wet adhesive strips only become adhesive once they have been moistened. Self-adhesive tapes, on the other hand, adhere to varying degrees to the uncoated side of the roll; force must be applied to process them, which may tire the staff involved. Wet adhesive strips run silently, while plastic adhesive strips make considerable noise. In extreme situations, this may require noise protection measures or at least personal hearing protection.

9. Standardisation

Wet adhesive strips have been standardised for decades (DIN 55475 and DIN 55476 Sheet 1 and 2). This standardisation  will reassure even users who are not familiar with the technology with regard to quality and reliability.

10. Environmental acceptability

The raw materials for the wet adhesive strip – paper made of wood and starch-based adhesives made of potatoes – are natural products that are not scarce. Wet adhesive strips can be included in recycling processes without problems. Wet adhesive strips have been in use for more than eight decades. FIBEPA concluded that their use will continue as long as large amounts of folding boxes have to be closed in an economic and reliable way.