Safe and quick provision of different box sizes through automatic erecting

Processing of flat corrugated board sections to create ready-to-dispatch cartons is the first step of the final packaging process. The powerful OPITZ Folding Box Erectors quickly and gently prepare various FEFCO formats for the dispatch of goods – with a minimum personnel effort and highest quality.

OPITZ offers a wide variety of erecting systems mainly differing in the desired level of automation: From the simple semi-automatic bottom folding device to fully automatic erecting machines, we provide suitable solutions for every application.

Our modular constructed Case and Folding Box Erectors can be used as a stand-alone solution as well as part of a complete packaging line. Short retooling and changeover times of less than 5 minutes to any other box format and feeding of different case sizes through up to 4 magazines provide maximum flexibility. In addition, the user-friendly systems fulfill the highest requirements in quality and industrial suitability.

For rounding off the process, additional labelling devices and bottom closing systems for gummed and self-adhesive tape can be integrated in the machines.

For detailed information on the OPITZ Bottom Folding Devices and fully automatic Case and Folding Box Erectors please click here.


  • fully and semi-automatic erecting
  • provision of various box sizes
  • low personnel effort
  • high quality and reliability
  • maintenance friendliness