Maximum transport safety and quality through automatic closing

Reliable sealing of the cartons filled with goods is essential for transport safety. Our Folding Box Sealers close your cartons dust-proof and tamper-evident. From the simple, semi-automatic sealing unit to the fully automatic closing machine, OPITZ offers individual solutions for every application and desired level of automation.

Our fully and semi-automatic systems handle various folding box formates quickly whilst meeting the highest standards in quality and user-friendliness.

OPITZ offers the perfect closure system for every application, whether to dust-proof, provide tamper-evidence, maximize durability or protect the environment. We are leading closure specialists especially for gummed tape applications. Our systems can close your cases at various positions including the underside, top or corner of the box, either for identical or mixed sized cases with all commonly used sealing types and tapes:

Sealing types

  • U-/slot-seal
  • H-/double-T-seal
  • C-seal
  • slotted seal with tear strip

Seal tapes

  • gummed tape
  • self-adhesive tape
  • hot melt & cold glue

For detailed information on the OPITZ Case and Folding Box Sealers please click here.


  • fully and semi-automatic sealing
  • processing of all commonly used sealing tapes and types
  • precise sealing without down times
  • high performance

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