Reducing costs and improving processes by volume optimization

Finding the correct size for the end packaging is a serious problem for many packaging companies, as the product to be sent should be packaged as safely as possible while using as little space as possible. This trade-off can result in very high costs: Purchasing and storage of many different carton sizes as well as the filler material required and the personnel and work effort for administration, packaging and dispatching of only half-filled cartons are bad for the budget and for the environment.

Our patented Vario 558 volume reducer optimises your final packaging process. The fully automatic machine determines the minimum necessary volume of folding boxes depending on the height of the goods inside, reduces the packaging height accordingly and finally closes / seals the box. This procedure decreases the amount of air inside the closed box by 85% and therefore enables considerable cost savings for filler material like air foil. The ability to process different box formats at varying sequences at the same time makes our Vario 558 unique in the market and offers high potential for mail order companies. The patented cutting systems increases the lifespan of the knifes and reduces wearing, which results in a replacement cycle of approximately 4 months.

The 5 stations of the Vario 558

  1. Interface: infeed of a FEFCO 0201 folding box packed with goods
  2. Determining filling height: camera system detects the highest point of the good in the box
  3. Reducing: safely and dust-free cutting into the box corners by special blades without material waste and wearing
  4. Folding: folding the flaps of the cut box
  5. Sealing: eccentrical closing of the flaps with self-adhesive or gummed tape.

The space in the folding box is optimally used – you save transport costs, only have to store a few carton formats and no longer need filler material and operators for manual packaging. The Vario 558 offers maximum worker safety and quality simultaneously.

Make your packaging process more economical, help to protect the environment and save resources at the same time.

For detailed information on the OPITZ Folding Box Volume Reducers please click here.


  • volume-optimized packaging
  • reduced costs in transport, filler material and personnel
  • handling of different formats at varying sequences
  • highest quality and reliability
  • environmental friendliness
  • low payback period