Modern and safe sealing through automatic Gummed Taping

Gummed paper tape consists of a kraft paper coated with an organic glue layer, which adheres to the carton box after adding a small amount of water. Due to its attributes, gummed tape forms an alternative to the commonly used self-adhesive and packing tapes made of plastic offering considerable advantages, amongst others:

  • anti-theft protection & tamper-evident closure
    After adhering, carton box and gummed tape form a homogenous connection as they consist of the same material (craft board). In contrast to self-adhesive tape, this bond can’t be removed without lasting damage of box and tape, which makes gummed paper tape the perfect solution for anti-theft and tamper-proof sealing. It is therefore accepted as a safety closure for known consignor shipments and air freight.
  • dust protection
    Thanks to the homogenous and gapless connection of case and gummed tape, the goods inside the box are reliably protected against dust – a requirement mainly made in shipment of pharmaceuticals. Besides, gummed taping safely ensures sealing of the box even with dusty box flaps.
  • stability & durability
    Test results have shown that gummed tape offers closures of higher stability compared to self-adhesive tape: especially heavy packages can be reliably saved for transportation, drop tests showed a higher resilience against falls and the durability against humidity and temperature fluctuations can be significantly increased (crucial for oversea shipment). In addition, gummed tape can be further reinforced with fibre.
  • eco-friendliness & waste disposal
    Gummed tape consists of recyclable fabrics: the carrier material is made of wood; the glue is based on renewable resources like potatoes and maize. Thus, the end user can simply dispose the tape with the carton box.

Many dispatching companies already use gummed tape as their sealing material today because of these and other advantages.

OPITZ is one of the leading specialists in the field of automatic sealing with gummed paper tape. We developed own closing heads and components for many years now and apply them in our packaging systems. All our Case and Folding Box Erectors, Sealers and Volume Reducers can therefore work with both self-adhesive and gummed paper tape.

We gladly advise you on the most suitable sealing tape for your requirements – just contact our service team for detailed information.