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Automatische und halbautomatische Verpackungs­maschinen für einen modernen und schlanken Verpackungsprozess

Automatic erecting, sealing, volume reduction, palletizing and sealing with gummed paper tape of cardboard boxes for shipping - these are the core competencies of OPITZ Packaging Systems and essential for a modern and growth-oriented packaging process.

Opitz machines complete the final packaging process of many shipping companies worldwide: boxes are erected, filled and optimized for shipping. They work semi- or fully automatically, quickly, safely and cost-saving.

Find out more about our services here or simply contact us directly. We will be happy to help you optimize your packaging process and reduce your costs.

Carton Erector

Fully and semi-automatic erecting - provision of various folding crate sizes, reduced manpower requirements, labeling systems can be integrated

Carton sealer

Semi-automatic and fully automatic systems close various folding crate formats quickly, even with chaotic product sequences, in a user-friendly manner and in the highest quality

Volume reducer

Volume-optimized end-of-line packaging - reduced costs for shipping, filling materials, and personnel - processing of different formats with varying product sequences