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The company

OPITZ Packaging Systems

What we do

In short: We build packaging machines.

To put it a little longer: We are special machine builders and specialize in the production of modern automation solutions for packaging processes in the field of secondary, i.e. shipping packaging.

Our product portfolio includes packaging systems for semi- and fully-automatic erecting and closing of shipping cartons, parcels and folding boxes. Because we design, engineer and manufacture all our packaging machines individually for each customer, we also realize special solutions outside our standard product catalog.

In the more than 30 years of our existence, we have been able to establish a solid position in the market with our own developments. For example, we are among the leading specialists in the field of automatic processing of gummed paper tape in all our packaging lines. We have also developed our own packaging technologies, such as the Vario 558 volume reducer, for which we have been awarded national innovation prizes.

Our customers include all companies that pack and ship products. While our target market used to be concentrated primarily in Germany, our customers are now located throughout Europe and worldwide.

Along with our target market, we have also grown steadily: starting in 1990 with six employees, we are now over 55 people - and still growing. In doing so, we emphasize long-term organic company growth to ensure the security of jobs created.

What we stand for

For customers:

Our goal: to support our customers in automating their packaging processes - whether in the first steps with semi-automated staff support or in the full automation of new shipping centers. With frank advice during initial planning, with management of joint projects or with support during operation years after successful installation - we want long-term partnerships.

That's why we focus on high quality in all our packaging machines: our systems are designed for high durability and industrial suitability, are equipped with modern components and equip your packaging process for the future.

For employees:

We are not a major corporation, but a young and motivated family business with around 55 employees. And that's how we want to work together: each employee has responsibility in his or her position, can and should contribute and has a share in the company's success. We want to celebrate success together.

Opitz Team

The ideas of our team are our competitive advantage. We are in a constantly growing market, so it is important to constantly develop further and to accept new innovations or to develop them ourselves.

 For suppliers, partners & stakeholders:

As already mentioned - we attach great importance to long-term cooperation. We also strive for a close partnership with suppliers and partners and want to master challenges together, realize projects and satisfy the end customer.

Our target market is growing enormously due to the strong increase in Internet mail order. Good for us as part of this industry - bad for the environment and resources. Therefore, we want to live up to our social responsibility by designing our automation solutions for sustainable packaging materials, thus giving our customers additional motivation to switch to resource-saving alternatives.


Jobs and career at OPITZ Packaging Systems