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Reliable and fast provision of different box formats through automatic erecting

The packaging process begins with the case-erection: the box is formed from a flat blank and sealed on the bottom with gummed paper tape or self-adhesive tape.

Box erectors from OPITZ reliably and quickly provide different box formats for packaging your products. Your advantage: low manpower requirements, high speed and best quality.

Depending on the requirements, the flat corrugated board blanks for different box formats are fed manually or fully automatically via a maximum of four magazines. OPITZ plants offer optimum flexibility.

Aufrichter Karton

Choose the automation level that suits you best:

Semi-automatic erecting

With semi-automatic erectors, you take the first steps towards automating your shipping processes or flexibly expanding your existing capacities.

Quick Facts:

  • low investment
  • simple operation
  • high quality & industrial suitability

Fully automatic erecting

With fully automatic erectors you reduce your manpower to a minimum and still remain highly flexible due to the large format range.

Quick Facts:

  • large format ranges - from XS to XXL
  • several formats can be erected at the same time via one system
  • simple operation
  • high quality & industrial suitability
  • further systems can be integrated

Our box erectors are - like almost all OPITZ machines - modular. The modules can be used individually or as part of a complete final packaging line.

Equip your packaging process for the future with our modern box erectors.

You can find more information in our brochure. Our sales team will also be happy to advise you personally on technical options or financing models.