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Optimization of shipping volume - for future-oriented and sustainable parcel shipping

The shipping industry is booming, with more and more B2B and B2C parcels having to be shipped in ever shorter time every day. The problem: the high demands on fast delivery times and product variety lead to poorly packed boxes, some of which contain only 15% product and 85% air or cushioning material - a disaster for the environment and for profitability.

The patented OPITZ carton volume reducer Vario 558 equips your packaging process for the future. The system fully automatically reduces boxes filled with products to their minimum necessary size and seals them for transport. 

Depending on the contents of the boxes, the fully automatic machine

  • detects the minimum necessary packaging height using the latest measuring technologies,
  • cuts the boxes to height in the corners in a dust free and safe manner
  • folds the lids without material waste,
  • seals them with adhesive tape or glue.

The packages contain up to 85% less air. This saves filling material and significantly reduces costs.

Quick Facts:
  • volume-optimized end-of-line packaging
  • reduced costs for shipping, filling material and personnel
  • processing of varying carton formats in one system
  • highest quality and reliability
  • sustainable & resource-saving packaging process
  • short payback period

OPITZ volume reducers are available in these variants:

Folding Box Volume Reducer Vario 558 with belt closure

  • the machine automatically recognises the filling height of the carton
  • the carton corners are cut to their optimum height
  • automatic folding of the lid flaps
  • the carton is reliably sealed with self-adhesive or wet adhesive tape

Folding Box Volume Reducer Vario 558 with additional lidding

  • automatic filling height detection
  • the carton is cut to the optimum filling height
  • the box is provided with a separate lid

You can find more information in our brochure. Our sales team will also be happy to advise you personally on technical options or financing models.