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Secure, sustainable, and environmentally friendly - this is how modern sealing works

Automated wet sealing technology from OPITZ is not only the safest way to protect your products from theft or package tampering during shipping. Automated wet sealing technology from OPITZ is not only the safest way to protect your products from theft or package tampering during shipping.

Thanks to its composition from exclusively renewable raw materials, gummed paper tape (water activated tape) also forms an environmentally friendly alternative to parcel or self-adhesive tape made of plastic - so shipping companies live up to their social responsibility and send an important signal for sustainability and environmental protection.

OPITZ integrated gummed paper tape technology into their end-of-line packaging machines many years ago and have been developing and optimizing its use ever since. Today, we are among the leading experts for automated processing of gummed paper tape.

This is why gummed paper tape can be processed on all our automation solutions - for Case Erectors, Case Sealers or volume reduction of cases as well as for all special process requirements..


What is gummed paper tape?

Gummed paper or water activated tape consists of a kraft paper that is gummed with a natural adhesive layer. Only when it comes into contact with a small amount of water is the glue activated and forms a strong bond with the cardboard to which it is applied.

After wet bonding, the cardboard and gummed paper tape form a homogeneous bond, as they are made of the same base material (kraft paper). Unlike self-adhesive tape, this bond cannot be removed without damage. As a result, water activated tape is regarded as tamper-proof or theft-proof and is recognized, for example, in air freight shipping (known consignor area).

Wet adhesive and parcel tape
Wet adhesive tape
Self-adhesive and parcel tape
Self-adhesive and parcel tape






The homogeneous and gapless bond between the shipping carton and the gummed paper tape protects the product against dust penetrating from the outside. This requirement is particularly important in the pharmaceutical sector. Unlike self-adhesive tape, water activated tape also reliably seals dusty box surfaces.

Compared to self-adhesive tape, sealing with gummed paper tape is considered very stable. Especially for heavy packages, the bottom closure is permanently and better secured for transportation. Drop tests show a high resistance to falls.

The bond between the carton and the water activated tape is particularly resistant to fluctuations in humidity and temperature - important especially in overseas shipping or for long storage periods. In addition, the gummed paper tape can be further reinforced with fibers.

Wet adhesive tape
Wet adhesive tape
Self-adhesive or parcel tape
Self-adhesive or parcel tape






RecyclingWater activated tapes are made from recyclable, renewable materials. The backing material is made from weak wood, and the starting materials for the adhesive are renewable raw materials such as potatoes or corn. This means that the end customer does not incur any further expense when disposing of the material; the adhesive tape and cardboard do not have to be disposed of separately.

The renewable components of the gummed paper tape also offer an ecological advantage over other sealing materials such as self-adhesive or parcel tapes made of plastic - resources are conserved, and plastic and plastic production are avoided.

Go green with OPITZ Packaging Systems using environmentally friendly wet tapes and automated package processing.
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